The 2009 Energy Efficiency Global Forum & Exposition kicked off today in Paris, France. As part of the opening day events, the results of a new research study on energy efficiency in buildings were released. The study was based on a model by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and shows that immediate changes are necessary in order to meet mid-century energy efficient goals.

“Unless there is immediate action, thousands of new buildings will be built without any concern for energy efficiency, and millions of existing, inefficient buildings using more energy than necessary will still be standing in 2050. Acting now means reducing their energy consumption and making real progress in controlling climate change.” Source: WBCSD

The report, Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Transforming the Market, is a 72 page in-depth report that looks at houses, offices, commercial buildings, retail outlets, and more. The report concludes with nine different recommendations and a section called “Action for change.”

A few of the recommendations include comprehensive energy audits of retail buildings, the phase-out of low-performing builders, and sub-metering of utilities in individual retail units in malls.

Read the press release and download the entire report from the WBCSD website: Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Transforming the Market (PDF).

Changes in building industry needed
A new report shows that immediate changes in the building sector are needed to meet mid-century energy efficiency targets.