Tom Vilsack, current Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa governor, discusses the ways in which the federal government is helping to revitalize rural America. As fewer people entered the farming industry, rural populations began to shrink. However, new efforts are being put in place to help revitalize these populations. One of these efforts is in the form of clean energy investments.

As the Obama administration focuses on creating a clean energy economy, the nation’s rural communities are poised to play an important role. Millions of dollars have been invested in clean energy technology in rural areas that will help America wean itself from foreign oil.

Other efforts being financed in rural communities include improving road systems and increasing access to broadband Internet connections. When rural business owners gain access to high speed Internet, they are better able to operate in the national and global markets.

Clean energy will help revitalize rural America
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack discusses how clean energy and other investments will help revitalize rural America.