I've tried every which way to divest myself of the need for paper in my home office. I've tried organizing my life on my iPhone, my laptop's various built-in systems and calendars, and even downloaded a few great programs, but in the end, none of them worked for me. I still have to keep most of my important information written down on paper (calendar, to do lists, creative projects and even short-story writing all seems to go smoother when kept in a notebook). Though I do love my phone for keeping all my contacts sorted and organized — which is a vast improvement on the address books of yore — everything else gets written down. 


Now that I've admitted to myself that paper is the only way to go, I've made it my mission to make sure that I'm using the lowest-impact versions of the notebook — as well as other office supplies to contain and organize that still-necessary paper — as possible. Here are some of my finds that will keep it green-and-great-looking for the new school year or the next season of business . 


This fun calculator from Poppin is made from bioplastic and runs on solar power (or any light, really), and has a battery backup too, just in case you need to crunch some numbers in the dark. 


I love color, and these tall, slim notebooks from Ivy Lane Designs are not only a hard-to-come-by size, they are wonderfully upcycled from paint sample cards too. Best of all, they're only $6 a pop, so you can get a few in different shades. 


This eco stapler doesn't use any metal staples (it uses paper to staple itself), making paper easier to recycle as well as meaning you'll never have to run out for staples ever again. 



No matter what color you like to write in (I prefer purple), there's a Smens pen for you. Made from recycled newsprint and biodegradable plastic. And they are scented too! Choose from: Mocha, Black Licorice, Aloha, Banana Fontana, Pink Lemonade, Creamsicle, Red Licorice, Passion Fruit, Ninja Berry, & Mystery Scent.



Target.com has a fun selection of folders made from recycled materials, which are also great-looking too. 


Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

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