In 2008, GreenBiz created the GreenBiz Intelligence Panel to survey green businesses across the world. The panel consists of nearly 2,500 members and the most recent survey findings show that hiring in environmental and sustainability positions is up, when compared to a similar survey conducted in November-December 2008.

More than 600 GreenBiz Intelligence Panel members participated in the most recent survey, which started in late July and closed earlier this month. The survey results show an “increasing headcount for environmental and sustainability positions along with greater spending by environmental, health and safety (EHS) departments at large corporations. These are promising findings that the emerging green economy may be outpacing indicators of a broader recovery.” Source: GreenBiz

This job growth is in stark contrast to the rising unemployment rates in the nation during the same time period. According to the Department of Labor, in July 2009, the national unemployment rate was 9.4%. As of August 15, there were 576,000 unemployment initial (UI) claims and the 4-week average for UI claims was 570,000.

In looking at the rise in corporate sustainability positions, and the increase in clean energy jobs in the nation, the mantra that green jobs will help address the environmental and economic crises that the nation is facing is holding true. Of course there will always be green jobs naysayers but promising news like this will help continue to invigorate the nation’s green jobs movement.

Photo by guitargoa

Corporate sustainability jobs on the rise
The results of a GreenBiz survey shows that hiring in environmental and sustainability positions is up.