Next year underserved youth in communities around the world will benefit from a commitment that Dell made yesterday. The computer and electronics giant has committed to a donation of $10 million in cash and Dell technology awards to help youth around the world gain access to communication and collaboration tools that will help them expand their critical thinking skills. These educational technology awards will help prepare these youth to help solve issues in their community, advance their problem solving skills, and be prepared to enter the workforce and participate in the global economy.

Part of these funds will be distributed through the Dell YouthConnect initiative. Dell partners with organizations around the world to help create a global information technology infrastructure that closes the technology gap between children in these countries and children in the United States. While it may be normal for today’s kindergarten classrooms to be fitted with new computers, this definitely isn’t the norm for children in other countries.

The Dell YouthConnect program has a presence in several countries including India, Mexico, Brazil, China, and Morocco. UNICEF facilitates one of the programs that Dell YouthConnect supports in Morocco. The Moroccan Ministry of Youth created 10 technology-based youth centers that allow UNICEF to bring modern computer technology to 6,000 young people in and around Casablanca.

Of these 6,000 youth, 500 will receive structured information technology training to help them obtain employment. Dell has partnered with UNICEF to make the dream of bringing technology to some of Morocco’s poorest youth a reality.

Caryl Stern with UNICEF praises Dell for this partnership. "Dell continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting educational and digital inclusion initiatives designed for young people. They are a true community partner in assisting UNICEF in its efforts to ensure that all children receive the education they deserve. With its wide range of IT expertise, Dell is making critical contributions to enhance the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of teaching and learning activities."

To learn more about how Dell will be supporting youth around the world through this $10 million commitment, visit the Dell YouthConnect website.

Dell commits to $10 million for education
Dell has committed to giving $10 million in cash and technology products to underserved youth around the world in 2011.