On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that five smart grid projects would receive more than $19 million in funding. The projects selected for these awards will help prepare the nation’s grid infrastructure to better handle clean energy technology.

A smart grid has several benefits for both consumers and business owners. One benefit is that smart grid technology can help consumers and business owners reduce their energy use. With a smart meter and smart grid technology, electricity customers can more closely monitor their energy use and make daily adjustments as needed. Smart grid improvements also help integrate renewable energy into the current electrical grid.

The smart grid will play an important role in the nation’s growing green economy. Funding from government agencies, the private sector and other organizations are an important part of preparing for the clean energy economy of the future.

The five programs that will receive DOE funding include:

  • ABB Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina ($2.99 million)
  • Areva T&D, Inc. in Redmond, Washington ($6 million)
  • Boeing Company in St. Louis, Missouri ($6 million)
  • On-Ramp Wireless in San Diego, California ($2.14 million)
  • Varentec, Inc in North Andover, Massachusetts ($2.29 million)
These five programs will focus on a variety of smart grid technologies including distributed energy resource integration, a distribution management system, an advanced real-time monitoring and control system, next-gen electronics that will enhance the integration of renewable energy into the current grid, and a monitoring system for underground circuits.

This round of funding is just one of several smart grid awards that the DOE has made this year. In April, the DOE provided $100 million in funding for smart grid training and in August $188 million was awarded to small businesses , some of which will use their funds on smart grid projects.

DOE: $19 million for smart grid projects
The U.S. Department of Energy awards $19 million to five smart grid projects.