The Department of Energy’s financial support for clean energy projects continues with the most recent announcement of $5 million in funding for five wind energy projects. The latest announcement came directly from Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Monday.

"Wind power holds enormous potential to help reach our nation's clean energy goals," said Secretary Chu.  "Today's awards will help better integrate wind energy into the electrical grid and will support the development of midsize wind turbines that can be used to provide renewable electricity in communities across the country." Source: DOE

The bulk of the funding, approximately $3.4 million, was awarded to two projects that are focusing on short-term wind forecasting. AWS Truepower in Albany, New York received $2.15 million to help assess a massive wind energy project in Texas. Other members of the team include Texas Technological University, North Carolina State University, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The second wind forecasting project is run by WindLogics out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The group is partnering with South Dakota State University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to assess wind energy projects in several midwestern states. This project is receiving $1.25 million in funding.

The final three programs each received $620,000 for projects focusing on various aspects of midsize wind turbine development. A team at Clean Green Energy LLC is working on producing a cost-effective and ultimately mass-produced 200-kilowatt vertical axis wind turbine that will allow for more convenient onsite energy generation.

Northern Power Systems in Barre, Vermont is combining their DOE funding with private funds to develop and prototype a 450-kilowatt turbine. Texas Tech University also received individual funds for a new tilt-down guyed tower turbine that can be installed without cranes.

Funding like this is just one way that the Department of Energy helps support and expand the Wind and Water Power Program. This program is designed to help our nation get on the fast track to a green economy by providing more green jobs to Americans while expanding our access to clean energy.

DOE: $5 million for wind energy
The Department of Energy announced $5 million in funding for five wind energy projects.