In early 2010, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that all new roofs or roof replacement projects within the Department of Energy would need to be cool roofs if cost effective. This includes roofs on the DOE headquarters in Washington, D.C. A cool roof installation on the 25,000 square-foot DOE West Building was just completed.

Additionally, a 66,000 square-foot cool roof is being planned for the South Building. Once finished, energy costs will be reduced by about $8,000 annually in these two buildings. While it doesn’t sound like much in the way of savings, there was no additional cost for installing a cool roof instead of using a traditional roofing product.

In this video, Secretary Chu discusses the importance of cool roof technology.

Photo: NNSANews/Flickr

DOE completes cool roof installation
The 25,000 square-foot roof of the Department of Energy's West Building in Washington, D.C. is now equipped with a cool roof.