If you’re interested in learning how energy-related Recovery Act dollars are being used in your area, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Recovery and Reinvestment site is the tool for you. The website provides a state by state summary of Recovery Act funding as well as national funding that was granted in seven key categories: Innovation, Clean Up, Renewables, Smart Grid, Efficiency, Carbon Capture, and Vehicles.

Overall more than $32 billion in DOE Recovery Act funding has been awarded since last February:

  • Energy Efficiency - $12 billion
  • Environmental Cleanup - $6 billion
  • Smart Grid - $4.5 billion
  • Carbon Capture & Storage - $3.4 billion
  • Transportation - $2.85 billion
  • Science and Innovation - $2 billion
  • Renewable Energy - $1.64 billion
In addition to providing an overview of funding, the site also breaks down awards by state. The first state I looked at was Michigan. Michigan was hit hard by the recession, the near collapse of the domestic auto industry, and the housing bubble burst. There are 119 Department of Energy (DOE) Recovery Act projects underway in the state and these projects have been awarded $1.7 billion in funding, which is no doubt helping the local economy.

The lion’s share of these projects fall under the Transportation category, which is not surprising. More than $1.1 billion has been awarded to projects that focus on advanced battery manufacturing, transportation electrification, advanced fuels, alternative fuel and vehicles, and other transportation-related projects.

DOE-funded Recovery Act projects aren’t limited to the 50 United States, U.S. territories are also benefiting from the 2009 legislation. Four projects in the American Samoa have received $29 million in funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Puerto Rico has received more than $124 million spread out across 46 projects. These projects include energy efficiency programs, weatherization assistance projects, and funds used as part of the Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program.

For more information about these projects or to find out how the Recovery Act is helping your community, visit the DOE Recovery and Reinvestment website.

DOE Recovery Act: State by state updates available
The Department of Energy has a site dedicated to providing updates on the agency’s Recovery Act projects in all 50 states.