Over the past few months, there have been mixed reports about the state of the solar industry.  Although there is a push by environmental organizations for an increase in renewable energy use, the economic situation has had an impact on the solar market.  However, DuPont continued with its solar project at the Pioneer Hi-Bred Waimea Research Center.

Located in Kauai, Hawaii, the solar project was completed in December 2008 and consists of 1,500 panels on a one-acre site.  The solar panel array should generate just over 700,000 kWh of energy; this will provide about 85 percent of the facility's energy use annually.

"This installation is a great example of our commitment to be both a key materials and technology supplier to the photovoltaic industry, and also a leader of solar power use," said Marc Doyle, global business director, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions. "Our products can help make clean renewable energy a reality while also powering our facilities as part of DuPont's sustainability goals." Source: DuPont

This is not DuPont's first solar system but it is definitely the largest.  DuPont also has completed solar panel arrays in both Wilmington, Del., and Taoyuan, Taiwan.

DuPont facility's new solar array
A DuPont research facility in Hawaii generates 85% of its power from a one-acre solar panel array.