The Internet is filled with legitimate ways to make money, and every now and then I hear of an idea that really grabs my attention. The latest site to catch my eye is TaskRabbit, a website that connects those who need tasks completed with those looking to earn a little extra cash.


TaskRabbit operates on a simple concept. Consumers post a task, and pre-approved and background-checked TaskRabbits bid on the task, with the lowest bidder receiving the assignment. Once the task is completed, the consumer pays the TaskRabbit online.


The process to become an approved TaskRabbit is more involved. TaskRabbit has created a nine-step process to approve applicants:


  1. Fill out an application
  2. Application received by TaskRabbit
  3. Application approval
  4. Completion of a video interview using a webcam and microphone
  5. Interview received by TaskRabbit staff
  6. Interview approval
  7. Completion of a secure background check
  8. Background check complete
  9. Completion of the TaskRabbit online training program

One-quarter of the approved TaskRabbits are male retirees, 15 percent are moms, 12 percent are young female professionals, 10 percent are college students and 38 percent fall into the catchall “Other” category.


Tasks types vary widely, ranging from delivery services to handyman services and virtual assistants to accounting. While researching TaskRabbit for this article, I heard a news report that said TaskRabbits were used as line placeholders for the recent iPhone 5 release.


Evidently these non-traditional tasks aren’t uncommon on the site; recently completed tasks include a designated driver assignment in Los Angeles and a request to make a Spicy Pumpkin Acorn Squash Soup using the provided recipe.


If you’re looking to earn a little extra cash, TaskRabbit could be a great alternative to a more permanent part-time job.


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Earn extra cash with TaskRabbit
The website TaskRabbit helps connect those who need tasks completed with those who want to earn a little extra cash.