Just last week I posted about how the National Resources Defense Council practices what it preaches and has a LEED Platinum certified office in Santa Monica, California.  The Environmental Defense Fund is in the same class; its San Francisco office has just received LEED Gold certification.

The 14,336 square foot building recycles 90% of its own waste, uses natural light generously, used recycled or local products during the construction process and purchases renewable energy credits.

"Green buildings are an important piece of the climate stabilization puzzle," said David Festa, vice president of Environmental Defense Fund’s West Coast offices. "We are all in the global warming fight together and Environmental Defense Fund is walking the talk by creating an office that is good for employees and the planet."  Source: Environmental Defense Fund

This is not the EDF's first LEED-certified project.  The organization's Washington, DC office received LEED for Commercial Interiors Silver certification in 2001.

The office is simply stunning, the view outside from the conference room looks over the Golden Gate Bridge (picture above).  Below is the view into the office area from the same conference room.  The next two photographs are of the EDF San Francisco office's reception area and the office workstations.

EDF office receives LEED certification
The San Francisco office of the Environmental Defense Fund has received LEED Gold certification.