Green jobs are on the rise and are poised to play a major role in the rebound of the national and international economies.  Wal-Mart has recently created a Green Jobs Council, The Wharton School at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania is offering a dual MBA with an environmental focus and the United Nations is projecting that fighting climate change will create a crop of new jobs. 

There is another area that is seeing a lot of growth - environmental blogging.  I am an environmental blogger and so are the other bloggers on the Mother Nature Network.  I have been blogging for a couple of years now and every day I check the blog job boards and find that there are more opportunities for environmental bloggers than there was even just a few short months ago.

On one popular blogging job board there is a position posted for a blogger to join a large national renewable energy company.  The company has a marketing department.  The company has a communications department.  What the company is looking for now is a blogger. 

With the upswing in popularity of social media marketing, companies are beginning to truly grasp the power of blogs.  Blogs have a wide reaching audience and are an effective tool to introduce the wide range of environmental issues that are being discussed in the world today.

The job board also has a submission from a different company that is looking for bloggers on a variety of topics including green fashion, green on a budget, green technology and global warming.  If you're a blogger, now is the time to brush up on the latest in environmental news as there are jobs out there waiting for you.

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Environmental blogging jobs are increasing
Corporations are embracing blogging technology and spreading eco-friendly news to the masses.