Silicon Valley is the epicenter of companies with cool perks, and now we can add Evernote to this list. Based in Mountain View, Calif., Evernote employees work in a creative yet productive environment and have access to some of the best perks in the business. My favorite perk is the twice-monthly professional housecleaning.


Adam Bryant of the New York Times recently interviewed Phil Libin, chief executive officer of Evernote. In his interview, Libin talks about Evernote’s corporate culture, the benefits of working at the company and of course, the twice-monthly housekeeping service. Bryant asked Libin why he decided to offer housecleaning to his employees. His response:


“We thought that we needed to get spouses and significant others on our side. I want the pressure from them to be, 'You better not be thinking about leaving Evernote.' I don’t want the pressure to be, 'Maybe you should think about going somewhere else?'"


I like that kind of perk and as a spouse of someone who works for a company with great benefits — although it doesn’t have the outside-the-box type of benefits of Evernote — I can appreciate the “you better not be thinking about leaving your company" train of thought.


Evernote employees also have unlimited vacation and don’t have to worry about pesky office phones interrupting their busy workday. In a region where companies try to out-perk one another, Evernote definitely stands out.


If you’d like to take advantage of the unlimited vacation, no office phone and professional housekeeping services offered at Evernote, you may be in luck. The company has several positions open at its Mountain View campus including engineers for Android, Mac OS X, and iPhone OS as well as system administrators, a human resources manager and even two internships.


Learn more about the company by reading Libin’s entire interview: The Phones Are Out, but the Robot Is In.


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Evernote employees receive free housekeeping services
Twice-monthly professional housecleaning is just one of many perks that Evernote employees receive.