Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a small college city in Northwestern Arkansas with a population of just over 72,000, per the 2007 US Census Bureau statistics. Despite its relatively small size, this city is going green.

"All city buildings over 5,000 square feet must qualify for LEED-silver certification," Fayetteville Mayor Dan Coody said of the city's new standard. "Pretty soon, all government buildings in Fayetteville will set the standard for sustainable infrastructure." Source: NWAnews.com

The Blair Library, located in Fayetteville, was the first building in the city to receive LEED certification. The next building in line is the district court building; a groundbreaking ceremony was held on December 29, 2008 and Coody is aiming for gold level certification on this building.

There are four different LEED certification levels - LEED certified, silver, gold and platinum. In order for a building to be LEED certified, it must receive a minimum of 26/69 points. Fayetteville is aiming for a minimum silver level certification on all of the city buildings, which require 33-38 points.

If the new district court building wants to meet the goal of LEED gold certification, then it will need to garner a minimum of 39 total points in the six LEED certification categories.

Fayetteville, Arkansas goes green
All new city buildings in Fayetteville will aim for a minimum of LEED silver certification.