Although the official unemployment numbers are improving, we are still in the middle of an employment crisis. Bright minds from across the country are trying to find ways to boost employment and one idea focuses on how a small change by a large group of businesses can make a difference – One Job for America.

The premise behind One Job for America is that if every business owner pledges to create one new job and tell a friend to do the same, we can add millions of new jobs in communities across the nation.

Carla Emil talks about how the idea came about in an article for The Huffington Post:

“I had an idea. What if every business in America, large and small, created one new job? Imagine what that could mean to our country. Think about how many new jobs that might produce. I named the idea: One Job for America. And then my husband, Rich Silverstein, and I decided to try to make this real.”

Emil’s post went up on the blog on February 17 and there have already been 120 new job pledges logged on the One Job for America website. While 120 isn’t millions, the word is just starting to get out and 120 new jobs is 120 more than we had before Emil launched the website.

Here’s a quick sampling of the companies that have pledged to create a new job:

  • Cedars RV Resort
  • EverGreen Recyclers
  • hack/change
  • Specialized Bicycle Components
  • The MASE Center
Pledging to create a new job is just the first step in the process. Once the new job has been created and a person hired, One Job for America wants business owners to come back and share their story.

For more information or to make a pledge of your own, please visit the One Job for America website.

Fixing the employment crisis, one job at a time
One Job for America encourages all business owners to pledge to create one new job to help the nation recover from the employment crisis.