Fortune Magazine recently released its 2011 100 Best Companies to Work For list, and software company SAS came out on top. Fortune also released several more complementary lists including companies that have never had a layoff, companies with the best perks and companies with the highest pay. Today I’m going to introduce you to a few of Fortune’s top-paying companies. tops the list with an average total pay of $318,323 for senior account executives. Members of the sales staff can bump their pay with sales bonuses and additional perks. The good news is that the company has expanded its workforce by 50 percent over the past two years.

Engineers with Devon Energy earn an average annual compensation of $172,575, good for the number five spot on the list. Unfortunately those who are concerned about the environment probably won’t want to seek employment with Devon because they are a gas and oil exploration company.  (With salaries like this, its no wonder that it's difficult to convince those in the oil industry that weaning ourselves off of oil is a wise choice.)

Goldman Sachs, a company that is still trying to recover from the reputation-beating it took during the financial meltdown, earned the number seven spot on Fortune’s top-paying companies list. Analysts and other exempt employees earn an average salary of $160,000. In addition to their base salary, employees at the company each receive $6,000 in retirement contributions from Goldman Sachs regardless of how much they contribute independently. However, like Devon Energy, you may have to deal with your conscience if you decide to work at Goldman Sachs.

Software giant Adobe Systems also makes an appearance on the list. The average annual salary for computer scientists is $123,599, which puts the company at the number 20 spot. However, working for Adobe Systems is a bit easier on your eco-conscience. The company is the first in the world to earn four LEED Platinum certifications, Adobe has reduced its electricity use in office buildings by 39 percent and employees at the San Jose campus recycle or compost 97 percent of their solid waste.

The good news is Adobe Systems also made Fortune’s “They’re Hiring!” list. Adobe currently has 1,000 openings and is hiring for positions at all levels of the company with the largest number of open positions in sales, consulting, engineering and computer science.

Although the job market is tight and millions of Americans are still trying to recover from unemployment and underemployment, there are tens of thousands of job openings at top-notch companies for well-paying positions.

Fortune's top-paying companies
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