The G20 summit was held today in London. As is usually with these types of summits, several rallies and protests have taken place over the past week. One rally in Hyde Park featured a rousing speech by Sharan Burrow; the rally drew 35,000 attendees.

Sharan Burrow is the president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions and spoke about the woes of the world’s corporate giants and how that is affecting everyone in this financial crisis.

In her speech, Burrow touched on the importance of green jobs and a green economy.

“Those bankers who are taking those big bonuses, the CEOs taking their salaries and sacking workers, we know that they still need to get the message and the message is the party is over.
We want to see action, we want to see a recovery plan that includes the world's poorest nations (and) is focused on jobs, green jobs.“ Source: The Australian

Well, the summit is over and what has come out of it is a $1 trillion global economic stimulus plan (of sorts). The plan will focus on six key points including job growth and maintaining a focus on creating a green economy.

The purpose of these six points is to restore consumers’ faith in the world economy and end the global financial crisis as soon as possible.

For more information, read the London Summit – Leaders’ Statement (PDF)

Photo by flaivoloka

G20 results: Focus on a green economy
The G20 Summit is over and world leaders have pledged $1 trillion to end the financial crisis.