In July, I posted several ideas for entrepreneurs that want to start their own green business. The ideas were just a few of the nearly 200 green business ideas compiled by Meredith Gossland of Green Business Start-ups. Gossland is working on another list that will surely be a great resource for green entrepreneurs trying to get their business up and running: 100 Ways to Get Funded.

Although some banks are doing better than they were a year ago, with many repaying TARP funds, it doesn’t mean that these banks are opening up their pocketbooks to aspiring green business owners. This is forcing many would-be green entrepreneurs to get creative with their funding choices. Gossland’s new list currently has 27 entries and will continue to grow.

The 100 Ways to Get Funded list includes links to several grant and green business funding websites. When you’re looking to get funded, having all of these links on one page significantly cuts down the time you’d be spending searching for niche funding opportunities. Some of the grants cap out at a small amount (some at $1,000), but if you take the time to go through the list and receive funding from several organizations, these smaller awards can quickly add up.

Another suggestion that aspiring green business owners may not think of is passive business opportunities. Gossland suggests that you sign up for affiliate programs and make income without adding anything to your plate. Similar to the grant opportunities already detailed in this article, the amounts won’t be massive but can add up.

As Gossland prepares the list, she has some excellent advice:

“Don’t wait, move now, get funded and succeed! Whatever your motivation is… now is the time to act…not next month or next year.  Don’t forget…the worst possible scenario is, they will say no. Brush it off and move on to the next source. Just keeping knocking on doors and get green” Source: Green Business Start-ups
Get your green business funded
Meredith Gossland is working on a new resource for aspiring business owners, 100 ways to get your green business funded.