partnered with Universum Global in a new survey that looks at the most popular employers around the world. College students were asked where they would love to work post-graduation and Google came out on top. While it wouldn’t be surprising to see that techies want to work for Google, the tech giant was actually the most popular choice among both engineering students as well as business students. This mirrors an earlier survey that ranked Google as the top MBA employer.

So, what does it take for someone to land a job at Google? According to CNNMoney, “Top candidates show they're "Googley," says a company spokesperson. In other words, they can innovate in a fast-paced environment, thrive on small teams, excel in flat organizations, and care about making the world a better place, she says.”

The number two spot on the list is London-based professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY). EY was the second most popular choice for business students and took 48th among engineering students. I have to admit; I’m surprised that EY even hit the top 50 for engineering students. Perhaps computer science engineers helped push EY into the top 50.

Here’s a look at the top 10 and each company’s rank among business and engineering students:

  1. Google – 1st (business) 1st (engineering)
  2. Ernst & Young – 2nd and 48th
  3. Goldman Sachs – 3rd and 25th
  4. PricewaterhouseCoopers – 4th and no rank among engineering students
  5. Microsoft – 5th and 2nd
  6. Apple – 6th and 4th
  7. Deloitte – 7th and 44th
  8. KPMG – 8th and no rank among engineering students
  9. Coca-Cola – 9th and 15th
  10. Procter & Gamble – 10th and 11th
Google is the most desired employer
Both business and engineering students want to work for the tech giant.