Green America, a national nonprofit organization, has launched its Green Grants program. The program will award four projects that focus on promoting a green economy with cash awards. The grand prize winner will receive a $2,500 grant and three first-prize projects will be awarded $1,000. The deadline for project nominations is June 7, 2010.

"Green America is excited to provide Green Grants to innovative green projects around the country," says Green America's Director of Corporate Responsibility Todd Larsen. "We're looking forward to nominations from local schools, civic associations, religious groups, business owners, and anyone else who has a great green project that could use a small financial boost." Source: CSRwire

You can nominate a project you work on or a project that you support by simply filling out an online form. The grant program is targeting projects that help advance our nation’s green economy while still focusing on social justice. Unlike many other grant programs, these projects do not have to be affiliated with a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

The staff at Green America will collect nominations through the June 7 deadline and then choose a top 10. Green America members can then vote for their favorite among the top 10 projects, and the winners will be announced after voting closes on July 19, 2010.

The Green America website gives a few examples on the kinds of projects that would qualify for the “Green Grants” program:

  • A solar installation company wants to provide job training for area residents
  • A pro-bicycling group wants to expand their reach into more urban areas
For more information or to nominate a project, visit the Green America Green Grants website.
Green America launches grant contest
The Green America “Green Grants” contest kicks off with four prizes being warded to projects that help promote a green economy.