In browsing the new videos on YouTube this week, I came across a submission by Jerry Yudelson discussing the link between green building and green jobs.  Yudelson is an expert in the green building industry; his company, Yudelson Associates offers green building consulting services and Yudelson has traveled the word speaking about green building.  

In the video, Yudelson looks at three areas that will generate green jobs: green building, renewable energy (primarily wind and solar), and efficiency upgrades.  According to Yudelson, the green building industry experienced 80 percent growth in new buildings in 2008.  

I enjoy videos like this as they can present quite a bit of information in a short amount of time. The benefit is that the information is understandable by all — from green building expert to a person thinking about pursuing a new green career.

Photo by jontintinjordan

Green building and green jobs linked
Jerry Yudelson discusses the strong link between green building and green jobs, including the use of renewable energy and efficiency upgrades.