In September 2008, McGraw-Hill Construction and the World Green Building Council released a report on green building trends around the world. The report shows that “the fastest growing regional green building market is Asia, where the population of firms largely dedicated to green building is expected to jump from 36 percent today to 73 percent in 2013.” Source: McGraw-Hill Construction

One somewhat surprising statistic out of the report is the increase of green building projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

“59 percent of sub-Saharan African respondents indicated that firms were building green on at least 16 percent of their projects. This is expected to grow to 93 percent by 2013, up from 16 percent in 2003, while, by 2013, about 44 percent of sub-Saharan firms are expected to be dedicated to green on at least 60 percent of their projects.” Source: Engineering News

Although the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from sub-Saharan Africa is not a significant portion of the global emissions, it is important that countries begin to adopt green building standards now. If only the rest of the world would have been able to get ahead of the climate change curve...

Green building increases in Africa
The trend towards using eco-friendly building methods is gaining popularity in sub-Saharan Africa.