Michigan is one of the states that has been most effected by the downturn in the nation’s economy. As the recession affected the auto industry, the state’s unemployment rates skyrocketed. Recently, the state has received several rounds of funding for green-themed projects. Michigan definitely has much to gain from the green recovery — from green jobs to green building; the move towards a green economy will definitely benefit the state.

J.S. Vig Construction is getting a jump on the green building trend in the state. The construction management company has just opened the Project Green Institute in Ann Arbor. The facility will serve as a green building resource center for businesses in the area.

The institute will offer green construction training courses and will maintain an online database of sustainability best practices. Additionally, local businesses can contract with the institute for building audits as well as retrofit projects.

Joseph Vig, CEO of J.S. Vig Construction, is excited about the institute’s opening. "Our team of sustainability specialists has already developed an informative program designed to guide building owners and operators through the green construction process from start to finish. The Project Green Institute will complement this program by providing an environment where professionals can see and touch the many different elements of green construction and receive expert consultation before making a serious financial decision." Source: PR Newswire

In addition to serving as a green building resource in Michigan, the Project Green Institute will also have several LEED Accredited Professionals on staff. As green building continues to grow in both popularity, and importance, green building resource centers like the Project Green Institute and the Southface Eco Office in Atlanta will likely have a big impact on the industry.

Green building resource center opens
The Project Green Institute, a green building resource center, has opened its doors in Ann Arbor, Mich.