Yesterday marked the launch of World Green Building Week. In recognition of the first annual weeklong celebration of green building, the World Green Building Cancel has released a new report, Tackling Global Climate Change, Meeting Local Priorities.

Tony Arnel, chairperson of the World Green Building Council, provides a glimpse into the reasons behind the publication of this report in his foreword.

“The need to ‘think global, act local’ has never been more urgent. Climate change is a threat that must be tackled globally, especially when considering that it is often those who are least responsible for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause this phenomenon who are most likely to suffer the worst consequences. Further to this, it is the way we use energy in our homes and buildings – by definition locally – that offers the best and most cost-effective chance to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.”

The adoption of green building standards, in both the commercial and residential sectors, has the potential to make a significant impact on climate change. The WorldGBC report examines how climate change is affecting nations across the world and how green building can help mitigate some of these effects.

Access to safe water is one of Africa’s most daunting challenges. Climate change is affecting the water supply across the continent and as population grows at a rapid rate in certain countries, including Egypt, water scarcity will become a growing concern. When green building standards are adopted you end up with not only a more energy efficient building but often times a more water efficient building.

To help support the adoption of green building standards in the country, the Egypt Green Building Council (EGBC) was formed in January 2009. Although the EGBC is still in the development stages, the organization played a role in the creation of the Egyptian Building Energy Efficiency Code.

Other councils in operation or under development in Africa and the Middle East include the Green Building Council of Mauritius, the Morocco Green Building Council, The Green Building Council of South Africa, and the Emirates Green Building Council.

The comprehensive report goes on to examine challenges and solutions in place in North and South America, the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe.

For more information, download the report: Tackling Global Climate Change, Meeting Local Priorities (PDF).

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Green buildings and climate change
In recognition of World Green Building Week, the World Green Building Council has released a new report, Tackling Global Climate Change, Meeting Local Prioritie