Green for All is one of the most visible green jobs advocacy organizations in the United States. The organization works hard to ensure that there are good green job opportunities that will provide a pathway out of poverty for under an unemployed Americans. In order to organize the many news reports that have emerged over the past few months, Green for All created a green economy roadmap. The roadmap organizes green jobs news by location and has plotted them on a map.

Brooklyn, New York

The new green economy roadmap entry for Brooklyn, N.Y., is a video feature with Thalia Williams. Thalia is a single mother who is now employed in a good green job. After completing a green jobs training program, Thalia is now working on residential weatherization projects.

American Samoa

Recovery Act funding isn’t reserved for the 50 United States; American Samoa received nearly $300,000 for a Weatherization Assistance Program. The money will allow for the weatherization of nearly 225 homes over a three-year period.

Detroit, Mich.

In a city that is still reeling from the near collapse of two of the three major American automakers, green jobs training programs are poised to be an important part of the city’s economic turnaround. The Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (DWEJ) received $96,000 for environmental cleanup and energy efficiency projects.

Cheyenne, Wyo.

Although Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal won’t institute statewide green building codes, the state is receiving more than $9 million in funding from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program for energy efficiency projects in the state.

These are just a few examples of how Recovery Act dollars being used to put Americans back to work while improving the energy efficiency of both commercial and residential buildings.


Green for All's green economy roadmap
Green for All, a leading green jobs advocacy organization, has released a roadmap that highlights good green jobs news from around the country.