Governors across the nation are delivering (or preparing to deliver) their State of the State addresses and many will focus on lifting their states up out of economic turmoil and preparing them for the future. For some states, including New York, green jobs are part of this economic recovery roadmap. In his first State of the State address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed several eco initiatives for the state including support for green jobs.

“We’ve been talking about green jobs and I believe New York has a great future in green jobs. We proposed a $100 million competitive grant program that will go to local private sector partnerships that come up with the best plans to create green jobs, reduce pollution and further environmental justice. Let the private marketplace come in, let them work with the local governments and the local community groups to come up with the best plans. Let’s reward performance. Lets incentivize performance Let competition run, and let us fund the best. That’s the green jobs proposal.” Source: New York State

While you may think that California is ideal state for green jobs growth, New York is also prepared for a green jobs revolution. Between 2006 and 2008, approximately $209 million in venture capital was invested in the state’s clean energy economy and in 2009, the state passed the Green Jobs – Green New York Act to continue to support green jobs growth in the state. New York City even made its way onto MNN’s Top 10 cities for new grads seeking green jobs list.

With the multi-year history of support for green jobs in New York, it isn’t much of a surprise to see Governor Cuomo mention it during his address. But with the new political climate in Washington, continued public support for a green economy is more than welcome.

Green jobs in Cuomo's NY address
During his first State of the State, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed several eco initiatives including support for green jobs.