The green jobs mantra isn’t just chanted here in the United States. Companies around the world are seeing the importance of creating green jobs to help solve the international financial crisis as well as help address environmental concerns.

Solar jobs in Germany

A Reuters article is reporting that a solar project in the Sahara could lead to 240,000 jobs in Germany by the middle of the century. The project uses concentrated solar power and could ultimately generate 20 gigawatts of power on an annual basis. Funding for the project hasn’t been secured but analysts are hoping that it may be discussed at an upcoming G-8 meeting.

British Gas

British Gas is preparing for a new project that will help customers reduce their energy and ultimately save money. The savings will come through the use of smart meters in homes and the company projects that 2,600 jobs will be created over the next three years. “The new British Gas workers will advise customers on the range of rates available, conduct energy efficiency audits and provide tips on how to cut energy use.” Source: Reuters

Renewable energy job growth in Europe

A recent study by The Pew Charitable Trusts shows that job growth in the clean energy industry in the United States outpaced traditional job growth. A European study, “Low carbon jobs for Europe: Current opportunities and future prospects” shows a similar trend.

“All of the green sectors are showing substantial growth, the WWF said, particularly wind power, solar photovoltaic, bioenergy, public transport and building sectors.

Germany, Spain and Denmark are leading the way in Europe for wind power, while other nations pursue developments in similar activities.” Source: Red Orbit

Yes, the report does show that Spain is one of the countries leading the way for wind power. A few months ago, a Spanish study that claimed 2.2 traditional jobs were lost for each green job that was created made the headlines and served as the basis for much of today’s anti-green jobs sentiment. It was rather interesting, for me, to read this report.

Green jobs news from around the world 7/2/2009
Solar jobs in Germany, smart meters in the UK, and clean energy job growth in Europe have made headlines recently.