When I think of solar photovoltaic arrays, I think of the desert Southwest. When I think of massive wind turbine fields, I think of the upper Midwest. However, both of these industries are part of the green jobs revolution in New Jersey. New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine is including green jobs as part of his state’s economic recovery plans.

About 13,000 private sector jobs were created in the state in July. Although all of these jobs weren’t in green industries, clean energy job growth in the state is continuing to rise. New Jersey is second in solar energy installation projects in the country with only California having more solar projects. This continued growth in solar and other renewable energy product demand is continuing to fuel green job growth in the state.

“New Jersey is positioning itself as 'a center of economic opportunity in the new, green economy'' said Rhone Resch, the president and chief executive officer of the Solar Energy Industries Association, as he praised the state for its 4,000th solar installation.” Source: The State of New Jersey Office of the Governor

In reading the rest of the press release cited above, I was surprised to learn that New Jersey has more solar installations than all of the following states, combined: Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. When I think of those five states, I think of mass amounts of sunshine just begging for photovoltaic arrays to charge up.

As New Jersey’s economic recovery continues to unfold, we will likely see even more good, green jobs news coming out of the state.

Photo: The National Guard

Green jobs push in New Jersey
New Jersey Governor Corzine is focusing on a green jobs push to help the state’s economic recovery.