Just a few days after the dismal August 2010 unemployment data was released, Americans celebrated Labor Day. Unfortunately millions of unemployed Americans spent the day wishing they had a job and wondering when this jobless crisis would come to an end. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis talked about unemployment and the important role that green jobs will play in turning our economy around during her Labor Day 2010 address.

“And we are also investing in a new American foundation and a whole new American industry and employer: and that’s clean energy. We look at that investment two ways: advances in biofuels, wind and solar power, will not only reduce our dependence on foreign energy, but also reenergize the American manufacturing sector.
I’ve long believed that green jobs can be great jobs, and jobs every American can take advantage of. Green jobs can be a new and exciting pathway to the middle class and these jobs will not be outsourced.” Source: Department of Labor

Since the start of the Obama administration, green jobs have been supported as a way to provide a pathway out of poverty for Americans in underserved communities. This includes under and unemployed Americans, at-risk youth, and even green jobs for ex-cons initiatives. Unfortunately the turnaround is not as speedy as many hoped and so the green jobs naysayers are getting louder. However, tomorrow’s economy needs to be a clean energy economy and today’s green jobs training programs are going to help make this dream a reality.

Photo: DOL

Green jobs receive attention on Labor Day
Labor Secretary Hilda Solis discussed green jobs during her Labor Day 2010 address.