Eco-friendly jobs are going to be hot in 2009 as the Obama administration, as well as the new Congress, focus on green jobs as part of their economic stimulus measures.  The Kaplan College Guide, which ranks US colleges, even listed its top ten green careers for 2009 as part of its annual publication.  I will be starting a series of green job spotlights to draw attention to some of these hot eco-friendly jobs.  One of the top ten jobs listed in the Kaplan Guide was green interior design and it will be the focus of my first green jobs spotlight.

So what, exactly, is green interior design?  According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), "sustainable design is concerned with the environmental/ecological, economic, ethical and social aspects and impacts of design. A sustainable approach to the built environment involves the creation of spaces that are healthier for people, conserve natural resources and energy, and are resource efficient."    Sustainable design is also called green design or eco-design by the ASID.

The leader in green building certification, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), has a certification track dedicated to commercial interiors.  A few of the credits listed on the LEED for Commercial Interiors checklist include the use of rapidly renewable materials, using low-emitting materials on interiors (paint, sealants, flooring, etc) and several innovation in design sections.

Top professionals in this industry are both accredited interior designers and hold the LEED Accredited Professional designation.  Those looking into a new career path in 2009 that have an eye for design may want to consider the green interior design field as it is sure to be a growing interior design specialty. 

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Green jobs spotlight: Interior design
Eco-friendly interior designers are poised to see a boom in business in the coming years.