As we settle into our autumn routines, and the work starts piling on, you may look around and realize that your workspace could use a makeover, or at the very least a tidy up (if you are constantly losing supplies because there's nothing to put them in, I'm talking to you!). These fun green office supplies from See Jane Work will make your workspace more joyful and charming, and may even help lower your stress levels while you work — there's nothing like having just what you need, when you need it after all. 

This hilarious and PVC-free bull eraser is huge and serves as a fun accessory as well as a way to nix mistakes. 

How about a pen that lasts for 7 years? A nice solution to plastic waste and saves money (and annoyance) too. 

This staple-free stapler means you can keep papers organized without bothering with staple refills or jammed springs. 

Put whatever you want in these reusable buckets; cords for electronics, important notes, pens and pencils, or stamps and envelopes — just keep it off your desk! 

This reusable dry-erase board will save paper and is made from renewable bamboo. 

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Green up and clean up your home office with these useful accessories
Organize your workspace for less stress and more ease.