If you live in an area that is faced with higher than average unemployment rates and you feel helpless about the jobless figures increasing month after month, now is your chance to get involved and help be a catalyst for change in your community. The White House is asking for community leaders, business owners, CEOs, nonprofit organizations, and people like you and I to host a community jobs forum between now and December 13.

President Obama will be hosting his own jobs forum on Thursday at the White House. The purpose of this forum is to serve as a think-tank event; to gather ideas on how the country can stop these record-setting unemployment numbers and put Americans back to work.

However, the Obama administration wants feedback from all across the country. With more people brainstorming on how to solve this problem, there is a greater chance that we can find a solution to the rising unemployment and put a halt to the jobless recovery that the nation may be facing.

So now that I have your interest, you may be asking yourself “How do I get started?” Well, the answer is simple – fill out a form on the White House website. After submitting your contact information, you will receive materials on how to conduct this community jobs forum including possible discussion questions and other conversation starters.

After the event is over, forum organizers will be invited to submit the ideas generated at their local forum to the White House for further review. These ideas will be compiled into a report that will be presented to President Obama. Now is your chance to get involved and be a part of the solution to the nation’s unemployment crisis.

Photo: aflcio2008/Flickr

Host a community jobs forum
Help the Obama administration find a solution to the nation's unemployment problem by hosting a jobs forum in your community.