Has your school or school district considered going green? With budgets slashed across the board and many schools desperately fighting just to keep their doors open, it seems the push to make schools greener may have gotten lost in the red tape shuffle.


But as the US Green Building Council reminds us, greener schools are healthier schools that save in the long run on everything from sick days to energy costs.  This neat infographic shows it nicely.  There are 700 MILLION kids nationwide entering our schools everyday. And that figure does not even take into account all of the teachers, administrators, and school staff that walk the halls every day.  


With 25 percent of the American population spending the better part of their day in a school, isn't it worth it in terms of health and cost savings to make sure that those schools are toxin-free and energy efficient?


[Infographic] The importance of green schools
Are projects to green our schools really worth the effort? This infographic from the US Green Building Council explains why green schools are so important.