The June 2012 unemployment report has been released and the news is not good. Last month only 80,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were created and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2 percent. The stock market is already reacting to the job report with the Dow showing a 1.25 percent decline as of press time.


There are still 12.7 million people officially unemployed with millions more Americans that are technically unemployed not being included in this count because they’ve essentially given up hope of finding a job.


Job gains were seen in several industries last month included professional and business services (+47,000 jobs), manufacturing (+11,000 jobs) and health care (+13,000 jobs).


Employment numbers in the transportation industry, mining and logging and construction remained relatively unchanged during the month. Here in Arizona, though, there is a shortage of qualified construction workers.


The small builder that owns the community I live in has had to limit its new home sales to one per week due to the labor shortage. Evidently some in the Arizona homebuilding industry believe that the state’s controversial immigration law SB1070 is likely causing the shortage.


“Michael IlesCremieux, vice president of land acquisitions at Scottsdale-based Meritage Homes Corp., said homebuilders have been talking about a potential labor shortage because of SB 1070 since 2010 and are beginning to see it. He said it would be unfortunate for the state’s economy if demand for new homes continues to climb but builders can’t keep up because of labor shortages.” Source:


Perhaps qualified construction workers will hear of the labor shortage here in Arizona and make the move, boosting employment numbers in the state while adding to both the Arizona and the national economic recovery.

June 2012 unemployment rate remains at 8.2%
80,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were created last month.