The Los Angeles City Council has approved a plan that will revitalize the inner city with a new green jobs ordinance, funding for green building retrofits, and training for jobs in the new, green economy.  This ordinance is the first of its kind in the nation and plays into Van Jones’ Urban Re:Visionaries discussion on fixing the environment and the economy.  

Yesterday, Scope LA published a press release on the green jobs ordinance:

“With rising unemployment, Angelenos are looking for ambitious alternatives to jumpstart the economy, “I have lived in South Los Angeles for 20 years. I have seen all the good paying jobs leave my community. It’s time to invest in South Los Angeles and create good-paying jobs in our green industry for our youth and people like myself,” said Oria Green, a 53-year-old former home healthcare worker who knocked on doors in South Los Angeles for the green jobs campaign.” Source: Liberty Hill Foundation

This ordinance will help ensure that good, green jobs will be available for everyone.

Photo by Concrete Forms