Today, Apple announced that there are now more than 100,000 apps available for download via the Apple iTunes App Store. Having been an iPhone user for several years now, I have quickly discovered that there is an app for everything. Now green building professionals preparing to take the LEED Accredited Professional (AP) exam have an app to help them study – the LEED Green Associate Flashcards.

That’s right, if you’re studying for the LEED AP exam and have an iPhone, you can download the flashcard app created by Green Education Services, a company that provides a variety of green building services including in-house seminars, consulting, and of course LEED AP exam prep.

The application costs $19.99 and comes with a discount code for $100 off of a Green Education Services live LEED seminar. The application was just published in the last week and as of press time, there are no active reviews. However, the application has over 350 flashcards that cover topics in the following categories:

  • Synergies & LEED Process
  • Project Site Factors
  • Water Management
  • Systems & Energy Impacts
  • Materials & Resources
  • Involvement in Innovation
  • Surroundings & Public Outreach
Should you desire live interaction while using the LEED flashcards app, the program includes an option that allows you to contact a LEED teacher for support.

The availability to download a LEED AP exam prep app from the iTunes App Store just shows how mainstream green building is becoming. What was once considered out of the ordinary is now becoming the status quo.

Photos: Green Education Services

LEED flashcards on your iPhone
Green Education Services recently created a new iPhone app to help green building professionals study for the LEED AP exam – LEED Green Associate Flashcards.