When Johnson Controls decided to build their corporate campus in Glendale, Wisconsin to LEED standards, they decided to go all the way and pursue a LEED Platinum rating. The company just announced that it achieved the goal of a LEED Platinum rating and now the corporate campus is home to not one but four LEED Platinum buildings, the highest concentration of Platinum rated buildings on a single site.

It should come as no surprise that a company like Johnson Controls, which has business segments that focus on energy efficient buildings and advanced vehicle batteries, is able to complete four LEED Platinum buildings on a single campus.

"As a company that's been in the energy efficiency business for 125 years, we believe it was important to set an example and demonstrate the benefits of incorporating the latest green technologies, including many of our own, into a multi-building campus setting," said Stephen A. Roell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson Controls. "We're delighted that the U.S. Green Building Council has recognized our efforts with its highest award of LEED Platinum certification. Hopefully, it will encourage others to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their properties, be it for one building or several." Source: Johnson Controls

The expansion of the corporate campus added 160,000 square feet of building space but Johnson Controls has been able to reduce their energy use by 21 percent. Additionally, the company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 827,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent and reduced its water use by 595,000 gallons annually. These reductions are possible thanks to an on-site solar electricity generation setup as well as a rainwater collection and recycling system.

The corporate campus also features a geothermal heat pump, window shades that adjust automatically based on the sun’s position, a high-tech lighting system, and a parking lot that uses permeable paving blocks so that rainwater and melted snow can be collected and reused.

Johnson Control’s corporate campus also features individual controls in each employee’s workspace. Employees can control their own temperature, lighting, airflow volume, and even turn on a white noise machine to mask outside sounds. If an employee leaves their workspace without turning off the system, it will automatically shut its self off after 10 minutes.

Although building the LEED Platinum certified corporate campus cost more than building a traditional setup, the company expects to recoup their expenditures within eight years due to the savings realized through the energy efficiency upgrades.

LEED Platinum for Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls’ corporate campus in Wisconsin is home to four LEED Platinum certified buildings.