It is one of the most prominent green jobs in the country, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  President-elect Barack Obama has named his selection for this position, Lisa Jackson. 

"Lisa also shares my commitment to restoring the EPA's robust role in protecting our air, our water and abundant natural resources so that our environment is cleaner and our communities are safer," Obama said.  Source:

Jackson will have a deep hole to fill as the EPA has been inundated with a flurry of problems over the past several years.  This will not be Jackson's first foray into environmental administration; she previously served as the Commissioner of the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

Jackson's naming has been met favorably by many organizations.  The League of Conservation Voters issued a press release on the green dream team and had this to say about Jackson:

“Lisa Jackson and Governor John Corzine have helped push through vital environmental reforms and New Jersey has been a leader in capping global warming pollution.  Her reputation suggests that Ms. Jackson has the outstanding intellect, courage, and political instincts she will need to undo President Bush’s shameful legacy at EPA.”  Source:  LCV

Jackson certainly has a full plate but she also has the confidence and support of many as she takes on one of the top green jobs in the country.

Lisa Jackson to head EPA
Jackson will be part of the green dream team for the new administration.