If you’re one of the millions of unemployed Americans looking for a job, perhaps you should consider a career change. A new survey from CareerBuilder.com reveals that 54 percent of workers laid off in the last year found a new job in a different industry than their previous job. Harris Interactive conducted the survey of more than 800 individuals who had been laid off in the previous year and found that change is only one of the many anxiety factors surrounding the job search.

While being unemployed can cause anxiety, changing careers can add to it. In fact, 40 percent of those surveyed felt anxious about re-entering the workforce based on their fear of the unknown and 21 percent were anxious about new technologies.

Changing careers is a big unknown, and depending on the career, there may be several new technologies that a worker will have to master. This leads to a big anxiety factor — the pressure to prove yourself as a new employee. A full 50 percent of those surveyed said that proving themselves was a major source of anxiety.

So what kind of career switches did those surveyed deal with in the past year? Some examples given by survey respondents include:

  • A financial advisor who is now a grade school teacher
  • A bookkeeper changed careers and is now a truck driver
  • A marketing manager turned to engineering
  • A collections agency representative who is now a radiology tech
While some of those surveyed switched careers, others who have yet to find a new job are researching self-employment. Of those still without work, 27 percent are considering starting a new small business.

If you were recently employed after being out of work, is your new job in the same industry or did you change careers entirely?

Looking for a new job? Change careers
A new survey from CareerBuilder.com reveals that more than half of unemployed workers landed a new job in a different industry.