San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will be hosting an event on December 2 to celebrate the completion of an apartment complex dedicated to low-income senior citizens.  This is not a typical apartment complex; this was designed from the ground up with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.  The event will also include speakers from Enterprise Community Partners, Bank of America, Citizens Housing Corporation and the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation.

The Polk and Geary Senior Apartments, located at 990 Polk, have 110 units.  Of the 110 units, 50 are reserved for seniors who might be on the brink of becoming homeless due to financial, medical or other concerns.  In addition to the 50 units reserved for seniors on the edge of homelessness, 10 units are dedicated to serving low-income residents with mental health concerns.

"This project will also provide about 3,000 square feet of community space that includes a solarium, office spaces, a kitchenette, as well as 3,000 square feet of retail space available for a local business."  Source:  Citizens Housing Corporation

The housing development used low or no VOC paint, adhesives and solvents, green label carpeting, low emissivity window glass, energy efficient lighting, daylight sensor controls, an extensive energy monitoring system and much more. 

Tomorrow's event will take place at the new development, 990 Polk Street in San Francisco.  The event starts at 10:00 am but the doors will be open at 9:30.

Low-income green apartment complex
San Francisco to celebrate low-income green apartment complex for seniors.