With solar power becoming a popular choice for businesses and residential customers alike, it is increasingly difficult for me to find a solar project that piques my interest but an installation in North Dighton, Mass. has succeeded.  

A 3 megawatt ground mount solar installation and 509 kilowatt roof project was just completed at the Manheim New England facility, but this project provides more than just renewable power to Manheim, it also provides visitors a chance to learn about green energy and wetlands preservation.

The 3-megawatt ground installation includes more than 10,000 solar panels covering 28 acres of existing wetlands.  Manheim, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, made the decision to include an educational trail that weaves its way through the installation.  

During a recent tour of the facility, approximately 40 students from a local Go Green and Robotics Club as well as an Advanced Placement Chemistry class were able to learn more about the benefits of renewable energy as well as the importance of wetlands preservation.  The visitors saw what a native wetlands environment looked like from a viewing area along the Solar Power Trail.

Education is key to wider acceptance and adoption of renewable energy technologies.  In my opinion, the more that our children are exposed to alternative energy when they are young, the more inclined they will be to support these technologies as adults.  Kudos to Cox Enterprises for incorporating an educational and preservation campaign into what would otherwise be a standard solar power project.

Manheim solar project includes educational trail
Visitors to the Massachusetts installation can walk along the Solar Power Trail to learn more about renewable energy and wetlands conservation.