Earlier this week, I harped on Fox News for repeatedly using a controversial Spanish study showing that green jobs lead to a net loss in overall jobs as the basis for many of their anti-green jobs arguments.  Well, like Fox News, I’m turning to the study again for another piece.  Tonight marks the fifth time I’ve written about the study that claims that in Spain, every green job cost 2.2 “regular” jobs.

Today, the Center for American Progress reported that Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) and others in Congress are using this study as the basis for their anti-green jobs crusade.

The author of the Spanish study appeared at an event earlier this week to discuss the results of his research.  After the meeting, Fox News aired a segment with Professor Caldaza and “conservatives took this message to Congress to make these misleading points, this time led by Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA), ranking member of the House Committee on Natural Resources.”  Source: Center for American Progress

It is likely that this report will continue to make news for weeks to come.  Although it was originally published a couple of months ago, it seems to be receiving more media attention now.  I’m guilty of focusing on the controversy and uproar around the survey myself and perhaps I’ll find myself writing a fifth article on the topic in the future.

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