The White House is continuing to use social media to reach the masses, this time through a partnership with is currently collecting questions about employment for the Obama administration on its Facebook page.  

The page will be open to questions through November 14 and then a selection of the questions will be presented to the Obama administration for answering. The question and answer session will be videotaped and available for viewing online in the coming weeks.

Although the page just opened for questions yesterday, the page is already full of people asking about unemployment benefits, outsourced jobs, and more. Green jobs are even making their way into this conversation.

Sheri Spicer asks “What do you think about creating “Virtual Green Jobs?” Ippolito Kate responded that “any virtual jobs would help a lot of us over age 50, and unable to go out and find a job” while Elizabeth Burton Steere says, “but we can’t wait until these jobs are created. We need help now.”

John C. Stoskpof thinks this is a perfect time to get people back to work while benefiting the environment.

“With so many people out of work wouldn't this be a good time to invest into cleaning up our environment? It's a chance to take a good hard look at our unsustainable way of life and change it while many are off the roller coaster. We have the resources. It is a golden moment in American history to do the right thing. Can't we get people working again on projects that will benefit our future not destroy it?”

A clean energy economy is definitely something that the Obama administration has been working on but the future of green jobs movement may be on shaky ground for the coming years. However, I agree with John, this is the perfect time to focus on jobs that benefit the environment.

If you’d like to submit a question to the White House, head on over to the Facebook page today. Ask the White House about jobs
The White House and have joined forces to collect questions for the White House about the unemployment crisis.