The Atlanta metro area has just scored another point in the green jobs game, thanks to a recent announcement from HydroPhi Technology, Inc. The hydrogen energy company has announced that it will be based out of Atlanta where the company headquarters, research and development facilities, and a factory are being planned. This will lead to the creation of about 300 new green jobs in the region.

HydroPhi has two hydrogen projects that could revolutionize the alternative fuel industry — HydroPack and HydroPlant. The HydroPack is designed to integrate with existing battery systems and HydroPlant is a fuel source.

Suresh Sarma, HydroPhi CEO, spoke about the company’s technology in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“We’ve figured out a successful technology to use water as the raw material for energy,” said Suresh Sharma, CEO of HydroPhi. “Hydrogen enhances fuel efficiency, and emissions drop significantly. That’s the value proposition here. In a disciplined and robust way, we are on the cutting edge.” Source: AJC

The technology will allow drivers to reach that coveted 100-mpg fuel efficiency mark.  To bring this product to market, HydroPhi plans to hire 200 factory workers, 50 designers and engineers, and 50 sales, support, and administrative staff members.

This announcement is one of several recent green jobs announcements coming out of Atlanta. In April, GE Energy announced that its new smart grid division would also be based in the Atlanta metro area, specifically Marietta. Once that facility is online, 400 new green jobs will be created.

The Georgia Tech Research Corporation/NEETRAC, also based in Atlanta, received nearly $650,000 in Recovery Act funding from the Department of Energy for smart grid training. This will also bring more green jobs to the city. Atlanta is turning into the green jobs hub of the Southeast.

More green jobs coming to Atlanta
HydroPhi Technology will base its hydrogen energy company in Atlanta, bringing 300 green jobs to the region.