Earlier this week, I wrote about Missouri Senator Kit Bond’s Yellow Light on Green Jobs report. The report was just another addition to the “green jobs are evil” mantra that some news agencies, politicians, etc., have been chanting over the past few months.

While reading through my favorite green blogs today, I came across an entry from Matthew Wheeland comparing these green jobs naysayers to those that deny that climate change is real. In his post, Are Green Jobs Deniers the New Climate Deniers?, Wheeland asks “what are these groups and politicians hoping to achieve by stalling the green jobs movement?”

This is a very good question Mr. Wheeland, thank you for asking it. Head on over to the GreenBiz.com website to read the entire post and decide for yourself.

More on the green jobs naysayers
Matthew Wheeland asks the question “Are green jobs deniers the new climate deniers?” in his post on GreenBiz.com.