I have hundreds of blog subscriptions in my Google Reader and I have added dozens of LEED-themed blogs over the past few months.  Today, I want to share my favorite LEED blog with you – Real Life LEED

The author of Real Life LEED, Joel McKellar, aims to provide information about LEED certification in a way that is accessible to everyone, even those outside of the industry.  The most recent post on the blog defines the difference between LEED certified and LEED registered projects. 

Joel is a LEED AP and has been blogging at Real Life LEED for about a year. In May 2008, McKellar discussed his blog in an interview for The American Institute of Architect’s Archiblog. 

“His blog's goal is to provide a free, simple, and timely resource for other sustainability professionals who need to work through practical documentation issues. He's no USGBC basher though. McKellar is helping its South Carolina chapter establish a local branch in the Charleston area. “ Source: AIA Archiblog

Whether you are studying to become a LEED Accredited Professional yourself or just want to learn more about this green building certification process, Real Life LEED is a great resource.

Photo by jaylopez

My favorite LEED blog
If you are interested in LEED certification or becoming a LEED AP, consider subscribing to Real Life LEED.