Last November I shared 5 telecommuting challenges and how I solved them, but if I had to rewrite the story today, I would add a sixth challenge – my new puppy. Last week our family brought home our first pet, a miniature schnauzer named Winston. Winston is a sweet 10-week-old puppy ... but he is a handful.

I haven’t owned a pet since I was a little girl, and while my husband grew up with pets, nothing he told me could have prepared me for bringing home a puppy. In a way, it is almost like I’ve brought home a new baby. He doesn’t talk so he can’t tell me what he wants, he needs a lot of attention and sleep, and he gets scared at night.

To make it even more challenging, the kids are on spring break this week, so I have two kids and a new puppy vying for my attention and writing time. This is a good challenge, though, and I have to admit it has been a fun week.  

Sure, I’m tired, but I’ve managed to find time at night and during Winston’s naps to write. When he’s awake, though, there’s no chance I’ll be able to concentrate on an article or research. He wants to play, the kids want to play and quite frankly I want to play, too.

Since my husband works from home, the four of us have spent a lot of time together this week and honestly, it is nice to just stay around the house sometimes. We all have busy schedules and so a relaxing spring break at home with our new puppy is an ideal staycation. Thankfully, I have the flexibility with my work to write when I have the time, whether it is at noon or midnight.

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My new telecommuting challenge – a puppy
We have added our first pet to the family, and with it I now have a new work-from-home challenge to overcome.