Green jobs are here and they are poised to play a significant role in our nation’s future. As business owners and the government focus on creating a green economy in the United States, green jobs training programs are cropping up. The Education Corporation of America (ECA) plans to help prepare today’s workers for tomorrow’s clean energy jobs through the courses offered at the Ecotech Institute.

The Ecotech Institute offers two-year degrees and certification tracks in renewable energy and sustainable design fields. The school, located in Denver, Colo., will help students obtain an associate of applied science degree in the following fields: electrical engineering technology, energy and environmental paralegal, energy efficiency, environmental technology, renewable energy technology, solar energy technology, and wind energy technology. Additionally the school offers a certificate program in sustainable interior design.

The school is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which is the organization that provides accreditation for a variety of trade schools including ITT Technical Institute, Apollo College and the Art Institute.

When researching locations to open Ecotech Institute, ECA looked at the availability of qualified instructors in a given area. With the clean energy industry booming in Colorado, Denver was a natural choice for ECA. Many of the instructors work in the fields that they will be teaching, providing students a valuable insight into the industry.

For more information about the school including admissions and enrollment details, visit the Ecotech Institute website.

New college is dedicated to green jobs training
Denver's new Ecotech Institute offers certification tracks and two-year degree programs in renewable energy and sustainable design fields.