A new green collar jobs website has launched with a niche market in mind — green building.  The GreenBuildingJobs.com website is a product of ScheinMedia and hosts a database of green building job listings from across the nation.  ScheinMedia president and CEO, Jonathan A. Schein, spoke about the new website in an article posted on the MetroGreenBusiness website. 

“We approach the market not only as the nation’s green building jobs site, we also provide national news from the building industry on projects in development. As there are expected to be over 4 million jobs created in the next decade, this is the ideal time for this type of search vehicle as the nation moves to a more greener and sustainable economy.”

Individuals looking for a green building job can post an anonymous resume, view the job listings on the site and create email alerts with customized criteria.  Businesses looking for green building employees have several pricing options to choose from — the basic 30-day single job listing is $295.00 and individual resumes are priced at $35.00.  A variety of other packages for businesses are also available. 

Although the site is a new endeavor by ScheinMedia, there are already several featured jobs listed including a LEED Senior Technical Specialist for the U.S. Green Building Council and a confidential employer looking for a Corporate Director of Sustainability in Washington, DC.

Photo by melodi2

New green jobs website launches
GreenBuildingJobs.com hopes to capitalize on push towards more green collar jobs.